About Trail Seeds

The idea for Trail Seeds was born of a simple love of hiking. Though a lifelong passion for Adam, it was only a recent discovery for Amanda. He blazed the trails and she followed carefully, watching his footsteps to learn how to place her own.

Together, they discovered more than just a shared passion for working up a sweat and getting their shoes muddy. They found that they dream about a similar kind of life off the trail, too. One with less technology and more books; fewer packaged meals and more real food; less of the conventional and a little more dirt.

Many of their hopeful discourses about what constitutes “the good life” were marked with a haphazard trail of sunflower seeds – Adam’s snack of choice when trekking through the woods. And thus, the blog was formed.

Adam and Amanda


Though both native Hoosiers, Adam and Amanda spent the better part of the last decade anywhere but Indiana. While Adam made his way around the country finding auctioned treasures, playing with tigers, and raising two brilliant boys, Amanda settled in the backyard of Disney’s Magic Kingdom with her own two boys and spent the days gallivanting around some of the world’s most famous theme parks.

In 2016, they both found themselves back in the heart of Indiana crafting new lives for themselves. It was out on the trails that they discovered – or rediscovered – some of their most poignant hopes, ambitious plans, creative ideas, and naturally, a little romance.

Our Trail Seeds


While “trail seeds” are a very literal necessity for us, they have a bit of metaphorical significance as well. Our trail seeds are the little markers we leave along the way as we blaze our path through life. While some people are comfortable with the paved road, we’re happiest when we find that spot where the marked trail dwindles away and you can just follow the creek bed for awhile. And yes – you’ll probably find us headed upstream, against the current.

Our trail may have a ways to go before we reach the dream homestead, but part of the journey is certainly what we have right here –

…a larger than life love story

…a whole lot of kids

…plenty of challenges

…and the never-ending search for a taste of the rustic in everyday life.