Trail Review: McCormick’s Creek State Park: Trail 5

Length: 2 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

McCormick's Creek State Park Highlights:

  • Wolf Cave
  • Sinkholes
  • Several creek crossings
  • Interpretive signs
McCormicks Creek State Park
Wolf Cave


  • Benches located frequently throughout


Trail 5 intersects Trail 8 which will take you to the campground to the west, or east to the Pine Bluff Shelter, playground, Nature Center, and pool. The entirety of Trail 8 is only 0.7 miles, so you can easily add it on to the loop and park at the playground or Nature Center and make your hike from there.

Best For:

This moderate trail is easily accessible for hikers of most all levels. Most of the path is wide and scattered with gravel. There are a few inclines and creeks to cross, but nothing outrageous. You’ll also find a handful of places where you can hop off the main trail and take a slightly more rugged route for a little extra fun.

The centerpiece of the trail is Wolf Cave, which you’re welcome to crawl through. Just make sure you have a good flashlight! You’ll also cross several creeks. You can go straight across and keep moving, but it’s also fun to let the kids stop and play.

Our Experience:

I’ve taken this hike as a quick adults-only excursion and as a leisurely trip with my boys, age 4 and 7. Both times it was a wonderful pick, and it’s definitely one we’ll be back to explore again. The views are beautiful and the cave is an awesome sight even if you don’t go through (we haven’t yet…but it’s on the to-do list.)

I consider Trail 5 a must-do on any visit to McCormicks Creek. The cave is second only to the falls (IMO) as an iconic sight on your visit to the park.

McCormicks Creek State Park
Plenty for littles to explore!

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