First Fishing Trip with the Boys

As I get older I always want to share any and all experiences with my boys. Sometimes tackling those projects is complicated due to scheduling work, school, and all of the other mishaps of daily life. This though is one that as a father, I will never forget.


We decided to go to Ogle Lake in Brown County since it is literally in our backyard. When we first got to the lake the boys rushed straight down to the water in anticipation of catching the biggest fish they had ever seen, which in hindsight wouldn’t have been very complicated at all seeing how they had never caught a fish.

Once we all found a spot by the water and got situated, we sat down with our fishing poles, bait, and two boys full of anticipation to get their poles in the water. The best moment of the day was watching the boys squirm at the site of worms while I was baiting each of their hooks, which is comical when you know the youngest as the “spider killer” of the family. We made our way through it and after a few minutes of hearing the funniest noises I have ever heard, we eventually ended up casting our poles into the water.


Prior to this trip we had some practice in the driveway casting and reeling in the lines, but with all of the excitement of actually getting to do it in the water had completely changed things. At first everyone showed great patience in waiting to catch their first fish, but eventually the excitement overcame and we started walking down the banks.

The boys were so excited to be out of the house fishing, but all that I could think of was how perfect of a day it was to be out fishing and relaxing by the water. After a little over a half hour the anticipation was making the boys antsier by the minute so we started walking further around Ogle lake as we cast our poles out here and there. Unfortunately, the day turned out to be a bust for catching any fish, but I couldn’t be happier that they had the opportunity to see what fishing is all about. At the end of the day we may not have caught any fish, but it certainly was a day to remember and there will definitely be more to come.

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