Friday Five: The Best Parts of July in Brown County

This week, we kicked off our first July living in Brown County with several signature summer activities and a few fun firsts getting to know our own property and the park activities that are waiting just beyond the bounds of our backyard.

Tomatoes in the Garden

Life in Brown County
A long-time apartment dweller, I’ve never had the chance to indulge my dreams of planting a garden before this summer. I’m excessively proud of the little raised bed salsa garden Adam built for me just beyond the front porch. I started my tomatoes from seeds back before the move and brought them down to Nashville in a little garden tray perched in the front seat of the car. The tomato plants are now taller than all of the boys, and our very first fruit has finally sprouted.

Deer in the Yard

Life in Brown County
Deer are far from rare in our area, but there was still something special about having the leisure to watch this doe through the kitchen window. The boys were uncharacteristically patient and quiet while we took our time watching her browse in the backyard.

Catfish in the Lake

Fishing in Brown County

Adam’s daily fishing trips into Brown County yielded his biggest catfish yet this week. This photogenic catch definitely counts as a share-worthy pick for our first week of July.

Fireworks from the Deck

Life in Brown County
With four boys in tow (all between the ages of 3 and 8), loading up the car and heading out for the 4th wasn’t nearly as appealing as the idea of sitting at home for the fireworks. Though we’ll probably head down for a better view next year, we had a pretty sweet spot glimpsing Brown County’s fireworks show through the trees while we had our own little patriotic party on the deck.

Geocaching in the Park

Life in Brown County
This week we added geocaching to our repertoire of park activities. We got particularly lucky with our first find. Though it was concealed well, just a little ways off the trail, the boys still had no trouble finding this little gem. Hopefully, they’ll get hooked enough to go on other geocaching adventures with us in the future. We may even be placing our own caches in the parks soon…so stay tuned!

July is already off to an unforgettable start. Keep visiting to check out what the rest of the summer has in store, and share your five favorite moments of the week with us in the comments!

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