Friday Five: Our Favorite Summer Experiences This Week

Welcome to the first of our new weekly series, summing up the week with our five favorite highlights. I’m sure some weeks this will be a little harder than others, but we were incredibly lucky this week to have so many great experiences it was hard picking just five.

Exploring the Highlights of Spring Mill State Park

Pioneer village at Spring Mill State Park in Indiana I’d heard about Spring Mill State Park many times, but this week was the first time I got to experience it firsthand. This is definitely near the top of my list now for favorite state parks, and it’s an obvious winner for hiking with kids. We took Trail 4 around the park, beginning and ending at the Inn. With a few short offshoots included, this let us see the Pioneer Village, Hamer Cave, Hamer Pioneer Cemetery, Donaldson Cave, and the Wilson Monument. Expect to read more about the trek soon!

Skipping Rocks on a Lake in the Woods

Morgan-Monroe State Forest
Our second trip of the week took us to Morgan-Monroe State Forest. We decided to wing it here and probably would have done better with a little more prep. For future visits I’d definitely mark this as an adults-only hiking destination due to the long trails and poor maps. However, we still made a little 1.6-mile loop for ourselves and made it out to Cherry Lake where we settled in to marvel at minnows and skip rocks for a bit before continuing on the hike.

Discovering New Fishing Spots Minutes from Home

Yellowwood State Park Still new to the Nashville area, we’re always looking for new highlights that will become our go-to destinations. Adam’s been on the hunt for some new gems to include in his morning fishing trips, and we struck gold in Yellowwood State Forest. Yellowwood Lake is an absolutely stunning destination. You’re sure to see what the fishing is like there soon (if you haven’t yet, follow us on Twitter to tag along on Adam’s fishing trips!)

Making Silver Turtles on the Grill

Backyard Fun on the Grill
You may call them hobo packets or foil pockets. We call them silver turtles. By any name, they’re delicious. The essence of silver turtles is wonderfully simple, and you can master them in five quick steps.

  • Take a square of foil
  • Pile on meats and/or veggies
  • Sprinkle with seasonings
  • Top with butter
  • Fold into a foil packet and toss on the grill or campfire

You can go gourmet and buy all your favorite campfire foods for your silver turtles or do like we did and ransack the fridge for leftovers that will do the trick. Adam’s smoked ribs made a second appearance here when we pulled the meat off the bones and used them in the silver turtles with onions, carrots, potatoes, and radishes.

Roasting S’Mores in the Backyard

Backyard Fun with S'Mores
There are few things in this world that I love more than a good campfire and slightly charred marshmallows on a s’more. These are the nights I hope my kids grow up remembering when they think of their summers. We built up a fire in the backyard, put on some music, and gathered round to roast marshmallows while the sun went down. It was a late night for everyone because I couldn’t bear to leave the fireside, but that’s what summers are for.

What were your summer highlights this week? Share with us in the comments below, and visit again next Friday for another week with TrailSeeds.


  1. oh my gawsh, can I come have s’mores with you? I was literally, just talking to a friend today about s’mores! lol

    That looks like a wonderful place to camp and hike!


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