3 Reasons to Choose a Cabin for Your Stay in the Smokies

Last year, we were lucky enough to spend Adam’s birthday in the Smoky Mountains. We settled into an enchanting little cabin right between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, and just minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Having visited the area previously from a hotel room, I can say staying a cabin dramatically changed the experience.

If you have a stay in the Smokies in your future, don’t default to a hotel room, even if you’re on a budget. You can book a cabin for a comparable price and enjoy a wealth of perks that a standard hotel room just can’t offer.

You Can Spread Out and Settle In

The Honeymooner Cabin - Smoky Mountains Smoky Mountain cabins come in all shapes and sizes. While you can certainly get any number of elaborate amenities, you can also opt for the bare basics and still have a wealth of handy features at your disposal. Our small one-bedroom cabin had just a loft for sleeping and a small cozy living area, but it was more than enough to let us get settled. Even with extra bags for birthday surprises, the space never felt cluttered with the extra rooms to move about in.

The Solitude is Sublime

No matter how nice your suite is, any room in a hotel comes with neighbors. Cabins give you the real Smoky Mountain experience, complete with quiet mornings sipping coffee on the porch and evenings reclining in your hot tub with a view. You can get breathtaking vistas out not just one window – but several. While some vacations are all about the social scene, most travelers head to the mountains for the tranquility. Bask in the pure peace of the Smokies with your own cabin retreat.

A Kitchen Preps You for Anything

The Honeymooner Cabin - Smoky Mountains
A microwave and mini-fridge are well and good in a pinch, but having a full kitchen will really help you make the most of your time in the Smoky Mountains. If you’re planning on hiking, you can use the fridge to store the makings for sandwiches and snacks to sustain you on the trails. If you’re a budget-minded traveler, grabbing breakfast in your room is cheaper than eating out each morning. A complete kitchen lets you indulge in pancakes or omelets, where you’d otherwise be confined to granola bars or microwave oatmeal for eating in.
Peanut Butter Pie

I used our kitchen to its full potential baking a peanut butter and banana birthday pie complete with a mocha crust and candied bacon on top so it was Adam, through and through. With a little creativity, your options in a cabin kitchen are endless.

For a little peek at the retreat we enjoyed on our vacation, check out The Honeymooner from Summit Cabin Rentals. Clean, cozy, and absolutely adorable, the cabin was everything we wanted for our stay. Cabin rentals around the Smoky Mountains abound, so it’s definitely worth your time to see what’s out there before you opt for a standard hotel. You can take your trip to a whole new level for an affordable rate just by booking the right spot for your home base.

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