Reasons to Fall for Falls Park

Trails? Check. Playground? Check. Farmer’s market, pond, picturesque swings, and Pleasantville-esque downtown? Yep, that’s here too. Whether you want an easy hiking trail, an expansive playground, or a peaceful spot to take in the views, you’ll find everything you’re after at Pendleton’s Falls Park. Here are four reasons you’re sure to fall in love with this spot.

The Retro Slide for Your Inner Kid

Falls Park Playground, Pendleton, IN
Tall, twisty, and slightly rickety, this slide hearkens back to the days when you would climb steep stairs to the tippy-top, position yourself so the backs of your legs don’t hit the hot metal, and careen down the wild spins hoping with all your might that you wouldn’t flip over the edge before you made it to the bottom. I can attest to the fact that this slide can accommodate daring adults who want to take one more spin through their childhood. Just be prepared to hit the bottom laughing at yourself like a maniac.

Peaceful Swings You Can’t Resist

Falls Park, Pendleton, Indiana The bench swings situated around the playground at Falls Park are a serene delight. While the kids run off their energy on the playground, you can peacefully sway away. If you spot an empty swing, snag it quick. If they’re all taken, just linger in the least creepy way possible until its vacated. It’s worth the wait.

A Pretty Pond, Complete with Cannons

Pond at Falls Park, Pendleton, IN
The pond at Falls Park is situated between the playground and Fall Creek, so you’re almost guaranteed to pass it at some point during your visit. There’s an easy trail that circles the pond so you can enjoy it from all sides. This water feature has a miniature lighthouse in the center and cannons along the shores for a truly distinctive experience and plenty of picture-worthy spots.

No-Excuse Trails You Must Try

Falls Park, Pendleton, Indiana
Falls Park has trails for every type of visitor, so you’ll have a hard time finding an excuse not to strike out and try at least one. You can loop around them all for a long-ish afternoon stroll, or take a short trip along the creek. Train tracks run through the park with trails that pass right under the train bridge, so you can get close to the action if you have train enthusiasts. Historic graveyards sit just past the woods for those who want to peruse the monuments and headstones.

If you’re in the mood for shopping and dining more than walking, Falls Park is right in downtown Pendleton, so you’re just a short stroll from antique stores and restaurants. A local favorite is The Bank Restaurant with a must-try tenderloin.

For small-town charm on the north side, Pendleton, Indiana is a must-visit spot. Easily overlooked, this park is around 20 minutes from Fishers and Noblesville, and about half an hour east of Carmel. Pick a sunny day and make your way out to Falls Park.

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